Photography for me is my tool to help understand and explore the world.

After finding a love for photography in high school and then following that love to art school. I started working in the field of photography about 11 years ago. I moved to Brooklyn, NY to find my first creative community, photograph dancers and work on assignments for a food magazine. This combination really helped form my style for photography. From there I made my way to Portland, OR where I worked in the fashion industry. I never saw myself in that line of work for long. However, in the end, it afforded me lots of new skills, connections and a few solid friendships. I began shooting weddings, elopements and portraits thinking that it was a good direction to head. It ended up taking me to Los Angeles and eventually New Orleans.

It felt like this work held a common thread with what I was looking for in my personal work.

That being, connections and relationships. The kinds we have with ourselves, others and with nature. It all felt interconnected and it felt like such a privilege to document people at this beautiful stage in their journey. I dove deep into this work and found a balance between traditional wedding photography and my own style. As you can see in my portfolio I have left a lot of my more experimental work as I love to use photography to explore different themes and concepts. I work and collaborate with each client to find what they are looking for in their shoot.


This is where I grew up.

A small town in the foothills of Northern California. I consider it one of the most beautiful places on earth and has deep rooted me in nature. You maybe can see a theme in my work that may include adjectives like peaceful, quiet or natural. I got all this through my time growing up in close proximity to the natural world. Keeping a healthy balance of understanding good composition as well as deep listening when I am shooting allows me to create images but also just be at the right place at the right time.

Currently I live in New Orleans.

I fell in love with a lady out there and now live in a home I created with her. So Ive continued my work in this amazingly lively city. I still travel a lot for work though so don’t let distance stop you from reaching out.

I’ll stop there with my story but if you have more questions feel free to check out the Questions & Answers page or to contact me. Id love to hear from you.

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