Journal entry #2

I have had this thought that keeps popping into my head. It doesn't make a whole lot of sense and I am still trying to figure out exactly what it means but as far as I can tell its a theory that we are dying all the time. Every time we go to sleep. All those times when we pass out after drinking too much or those gaps between when we dont see close friends or family for a long time. When life gets crazy and we feel drained. When we get hurt or hurt someone else. Every time we blink even. This idea pops into my head sometimes when looking at old pictures I have taken or during long drives when Ill just think to myself "I wonder how many times I have died?" The thought will be followed with a dreamlike mindset. That everything is a dream and that we dont really die at all.... Even though this is mostly nonsense, these thoughts are still my favorite part of my time being human. Being able to question our reality is pretty great. So why not let it get weird.

justin nunnink