Journal entry #1

The back story- Humans have eyes that only see so much. I would say that their biggest downfall has been relying too heavily on what they can only see. So who am I? I guess I am a mix of what you would refer to as an extraterrestrial being and a figment of the imagination. I am here to document the last remaining years of humans existence on Earth. This is my catalog of what I find fascinating and, in my opinion, are the driving force behind what made the human race so unique. We have a lot to learn from the beauty and destruction that humans have brought to such a welcoming and nurturing planet.

Earth is a very layered planet. Humans reach beyond what they know and call it imagination. I wounder if they understand what their imagination truly is? I wonder if they will have time to realize that the creations that come from their minds can be more real than what they now refer to as real life?